Fleetmanageronline allows you to manage your contacts, employees, instructors, clients and your access rights to the software. It also allows you to enter all the planes that make up your fleet.


Fleetmanageronline allows you to make appointments for a given time or period. It allows you to follow the flight schedules of your planes and instructors.


Fleetmanageronline has a renewal manager. This function allows you to input license, medical or any other type of renewal as well as any element you will have to read later on such as client reminders, etc.

Fleetmanageronline allows you to see the renewals in a search screen. You can filter, sort and even group the data together with any information you can find on the screen. This information can even be exported to Word or Excel.


Fleetmangeronline will notify you on the calendar screen by changing the colour of the calendar box if a renewal is coming up or if it has passed by changing from green to yellow to red.