FleetManagerOnline is a web-based application that allows you to follow your fleet, reservations, instructors, contacts and maintenance easily and at any time of day.

Students can reserve online through the Website or via FleetManagerOnline. They will only see their reservation. Using our proprietary and discrete method, they will be able to see if a plane and /or instructor is available for any given date or period of time without any difficulty and without seeing all the school's reservations. Our efficient approval method means the school retains control over everything.

Mechanics can see which docks are available for maintenance without seeing the details of a reservation. They can see whether a docking schedule is available or not. In addition, by improving the efficiency of upkeep by mechanics, they can estimate when a plane is due for maintenance.

Instructors can see their schedules directly online and even reserve a student immediately.

The school has a complete reporting schedule which allows them to see, approve and change reservations.  This reporting table offers the ability to see the schedule or your fleet from various angles to help you make the right decision and oversee everything at a glance.

FleetManagerOnline will soon have a complete maintenance and program unit.

Because we use an encryption certificate, FleetManagerOnline is safe. It significantly improves the efficiency of reservations, provides an overall follow up of your fleet and eliminates unnecessary maintenance delays. FleetManagerOnline allows you to follow up on all aspects of your business.